High School Golf Coach Summer Golf Camp

4:00 pm, Jun 25th, 2017   -   5:00 pm, Jun 29th, 2017

High School Golf Coaches
The John Means Golf Camps and Schools invite high school teams and coaches to attend the summer golf camps and offer coaches an opportunity to learn with their athletes.  Any coach who brings three or more players will have housing, meals and instruction provided at no charge  In addition, the coach can play and use the practice facilities at no charge. The camps are located at White Eagle Golf Club in Hudson, Wisconsin with lodging  at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls Campus.    Each year, golf teams from Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, Oregon, Washington and Idaho, attend the junior golf camps.
If you bring two players, the fee is $100.00 to cover the costs of lodging and food and range rental.  Golf course costs will be covered by the John Means Golf Camps.
If you bring one player, the cost to you is $150.00.
Our goal is to teach you how to teach and coach your athletes.  John Means and Lee  Deitrick have worked nationally at teaching and coaching seminars designed exclusively to help coaches and golf professionals learn how to teach.  The fundamentals of teaching and coaching techniques are taught by top coaches.
Come join your athletes for a week of learning, playing, and team building. 
Read about one of our "happy coach campers"
Hi John and Lee:
I just wanted to thank you for what you did for my son and my other players.
I also wanted to thank you for your willingness to help me be a better coach. The knowledge you were willing to share with me was beyond anything I could have ever expected. I've never had anyone willing to share so much.
You and Coach Means have given me a passion for golf and the teaching aspect again. I see the boys using your range set-up and they are constantly talking about it and using your drills. My own son came home and couldn't stop talking about what he learned from all of you guys.
I am currently looking in to some video equipment to use, and I would have never done that without your guidance. I hope you guys do the camp again next year because I will be there and I hope some more of my players go as well. Thanks for what you do for kids and what you do for the game of golf.
I hope to see you again.
High School coach
For further information, contact Coach Means at johnmeansgolf@gmail.com or phone him at 612.382.7820.


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